Why Brands Must Amplify Content This Holiday Season [Infographic]

Content Amplification

The most recent study from Forrester estimated that online holiday sales reached $151 billion in 2018 and in-store purchases grew to $567 billion. Content is a powerful way to getting a piece of that pie efficiently and without interrupting peoples’ life. Content marketing and its amplification has never been more important than what it is today for marketers to achieve their holiday goals.

Below are three important statistics and an infographic that explain the importance of content and its amplification using non-interruptive ways.

3 Simple Reasons to Amplify Your Content

More and more brands are leveraging content marketing to drive better consideration for their products and services to create a greater impact on their holiday sales earnings. How do brands break through all of the online clutter this holiday season to get their content seen? Pouring more advertising dollars into Q4 to generate more sales will only work if branded content is actually being seen and if it’s being to form a relationship with prospective customers. Use content to build a connection this winter, use amplification to bring it back to the surface in time for the holiday rush.

  1. 78% of consumers prefer getting to know a brand or learning about products through content as opposed to advertising.
  2. 60% of consumers seek out a product after reading about it.
  3. Brands experience a 6X higher conversion rate using content marketing as opposed to advertising.

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Scaling content marketing and its amplification is not a trend going away anytime soon. Study after study bears this out. During the holiday content marketing and its amplification is even more important as the amount of content added to the Internet accelerates. Some marketers that rely on organic traffic exclusively during the holiday without amplification can see a 20-30% drop in their organic traffic during this time, according to smartblogger.com. Give your content a chance this holiday season and amplify it.

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