Top 5 COVID-Content Hubs Marketers Need to Know

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In response to COVID-19, consumers have relied heavily on the internet for answers to their increasing questions about the new world we’re all living in. Not only are people looking for information on how the pandemic is affecting their physical & mental well-beings, but also their jobs, lifestyles and entire livelihoods. With this increasing need for information, marketing + PR companies have pivoted to meet this new demand by developing COVID-specific content hubs on their websites for employees, clients, colleagues and even competitors. We’re calling out these five agencies for creating relevant, regularly updated resources for their communities and highlight the fantastic work they’re doing:


The media and marketing agency, based out of Philadelphia, has a link living on the top of their main website directing users to their media-specific COVID-19 content. They have it broken down by channel, industry and vendor-specific news, as well as overall marketing trends and changing consumer behaviors. They have also created content around supporting their local Philadelphia community thru The Merchant Fund. We love that this agency geared their content specifically towards their two closest communities, providing relatable resources and acting solely out of service.


Havas quickly responded to the pandemic by building out a brand-new content hub; developed to support their growing collection of research & reports that experts at the company were producing on how COVID-19 has affected “brands, business, and life on the other side.” The content centers around shifting trends within media consumption, communication, social media and influencers, as well as consumer habits. The international media company also highlighted the change within specific countries, showing the similarities between different geographies during this time. It’s a great global lens on understanding the worldwide effect of COVID-19, and how people will begin to move forward in a post-pandemic world.


The global integrated marketing agency specializing in travel + tourism has been an especially valuable resource for industry marketers, as a result of the massive impact on travel from COVID-19. They too have a large banner at the top of their homepage guiding users towards resources concentrated on the travel + tourism trends; supported by research reports, global perspectives on travel, thought leadership pieces, as well as webinars, podcasts, and interviews. They also created a “Quick Takes on Travel” section with senior company executives answering questions submitted by clients + the community. With eMarketer recently reporting that some travel-specific verticals may not recover until 2022, we commend MMGY for creating this one-stop shop for travel marketers to pivot their plans and stay agile.


The Canadian-based PR firm is deeply rooted in storytelling, which is evident in the COVID content they’ve created for their website. Stories are wide-ranging across industries, covering everything from retail and eCommerce to capital markets, healthcare, and the Canadian government + policies. While the content does specifically highlight how the pandemic is changing Canada, it’s a rich resource that gives great perspective into the different narratives being experienced across Canadian industries. Stay safe Canada!


Midan is a marketing agency concentrated solely on the meat industry. Their focus on promoting awareness and sales within the niche vertical provides them with a very targeted user audience when creating their COVID content.  A link to the landing page is clearly placed at the top of their website, and all of the material is supporting the meat industry as a whole: how meat consumers are changing their use of online services, what is shifting with supply chains, and steps individuals can take to support the meat industry during this trying time. This content is grade-A quality beef, and we love the wide variety of topics covered with a very specific audience.


This is just a small list of the many number of marketing + communications brands pivoting to be of service during COVID-19, and help marketers really understand how the industry, businesses and consumers are constantly evolving. It’s hard to predict what the next six months may hold, but we will continue to keep these agency page’s bookmarked to keep on the pulse of a post-COVID world.

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