The Super Six: Our List of Brands Doing the Best Job at Storytelling in Super Bowl 2020


When you think of Super Bowl Sunday, you often associate things such as parties with friends, copious amounts of beer and hot wings, as well as commercials full of fireworks, explosions and celebrities. Brands can pay upwards of $5M for just one 30-second ad spot during the biggest sports game of the year, guaranteeing tens of millions of eyeballs.  We’re highlighting the six best stories brands are actually telling with the content in their commercials, commending companies who are highlighting real causes and powerful messages instead of trying to get gasps or laughs out of viewers. In descending order:

6. Bud Light Seltzer Mango consumed by an android?

In a press release Bud Light announced it will have Post Malone, musician and brand ambassador, star in its upcoming Superbowl commercial. He’s in a bar and orders a Bud Light Seltzer Mango. After taking a drink the spot goes inside his body where it looks like it’s controlled by a crew of people, similar to the star ship Enterprise for Star Trek.

Bud Light has made two versions of this ad but will only be airing one of them. The cool thing about this is they’re using this to engage consumers before the event in order to allow them to feel a sense of “control” in what’s being advertised. Consumers get to choose which spot airs.

“We are so fortunate to have two great Super Bowl spots this year, but only have room for one. We love this year’s Super Bowl campaign because not only does it feature our brand’s biggest fan, Post Malone, but we’re also giving people a chance to help us choose which spot to air,” said Andy Goeler, VP of Marketing for Bud Light.

5. SodaStream finds water on Mars

Bill Nye the “Science Guy” is featured in this spot. SodaStream not only created a 30 second commercial for the Superbowl but did an extended 74 second version. The goal of this spot is to create an awareness of the importance of single-use plastic bottles. There’s plenty of spoilers we could share but we’ll keep them to ourselves for your sake.

4. Secret Deodorant – Lets kick inequality

This spot was featured on “The Ellen Show” and introduces two football players – a kicker and the place holder. They appear to be trying to kick a game-winning field goal. There’s a snap, the ball is placed, and the kicker puts it between the two uprights for the win. The crowd goes crazy.

Shortly thereafter, they take their helmets off and low and behold it’s two females. The crowd is stunned for just a moment and after the reality of what just happened kicks in they go crazy with cheers. This ad goes to show us that women can compete with men.

3. Hard Rock – Something is going on in Miami

This particular commercial has been mostly under wraps since it was announced, for the most part. However, we do know a few things that are important to note. It’s full of major stars that include DJ Khaled, Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

Why this spot is important to note is that following the death of Kobe Bryant the Hard Rock decided to make edits to its commercial in response to the tragic and unexpected loss.

2. NFL – There are some things just bigger than football

In this spot the NFL is taking a public stand to communicate to fans during the biggest game of the year that “there’s more than just football.” They’re seeking to “inspire change.” It features former professional football player Anquan Boldin and the story of his cousin being killed by a plain clothed officer on the side of the road.

It goes on to feature Boldin’s Player’s Coalition non-profit seeking to effect change in this country by focusing on police-community relations, education and economic advancement, and criminal justice reform.

1. The first female coach in the Superbowl by Microsoft

This spot, called “Be the One” celebrates the empowerment of females in a male dominated sport like professional football. It breaks the stereotype of women not having a role in the sport and highlights Katie Sowers, who’s an assistant coach for offence with the San Francisco 49ers. She’s been featured in Microsoft commercials before.


Which video spot are you most excited to see? Drop us a comment with your thoughts below, and in case we forgot to mention this before- GO NINERS!

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