The Revolution of Content Amplification and Distribution

Content Amplification

Today’s content marketing distribution landscape looks much different than what it did just a few short years ago. The rise of big data, the emergence of new channels, and peoples’ ever-evolving media consumption habits have ushered in a new digital era where interruption is no longer tolerated.

As a reaction to this revolution an entire ecosystem of disparate cloud software solutions that number in the hundreds has arisen. This is problematic for content marketing professionals. Navigating through the volumes of tactics and channels is challenging enough without having to sort through a seemingly endless maze of individual tools.

It’s no longer good enough to just derive data from dozens of siloed tools, either. Content marketing professionals are demanding actionable insights, intelligence, simplicity and reach across many digital and traditional channels at the same time.

The once solid line between content marketing, PR, social media, and sponsored content is cloudier than ever. As more and more practitioners converge their owned, earned and paid media efforts, the need for a more integrated content amplification technology stack is apparent.

As an industry, we’ve been talking about this for years.

And we’re doing something about that.

The Future of Content Amplification

In early 2019, inPowered has begun aggressively reshaping the technology tools for online content amplification with a rapid evolution of our own. We’ve spent the last 18 months strategically building and partnering with premier companies and are now poised to deliver that full portfolio of integrated products and services. These partnerships include over 40 social media and programmatic native advertising companies. We’re also working with over 300 global publishers to take sponsored content to scale for brands.

Our goal? To erase the disparate and siloed nature of the content amplification tool kit while delivering real actionable insights, intelligence and performance. In other words, to maximize your success in today’s new digital era.

From complexity to simplicity

The inPowered Artificial Intelligence (AI) amplification platform will be the first fully-integrated suite to serve the complete workflow of today’s modern content marketing professionals, delivering the full mix of power, insights and services that you need to effectively reach and engage your audiences with your full range of great content – owned, earned, video or sponsored.

This will be accomplished under one unified user experience with service at your beacon call. It will simplify or eliminate repetitive tasks, provide a real-time feedback loop for your content, and enable you to spend even more of your time on the strategic execution of business goals.

From back-seat to part of the team

It’s no secret that content marketing and their departments are often detached from amplification campaigns. As a result, it can be difficult at times to associate visibility, brand awareness and overall mindshare tactics with measurable marketing outcomes like awareness, leads and conversions. We understand the pain to prove content marketing results that link back to business outcomes.

inPowered fixes this problem by connecting directly to the Marketing/Advertising department’s technology stack. Not only will this enhance campaign capabilities with powerful content amplification tools and insights – but it will also integrate marketing and tracking capabilities into YOUR every-day workflow. Together, you will be stronger.

inPowered will help power your story to all those audiences, across all those channels – spanning earned, owned and paid media to ensure your content is seen by the right people at the right time.

The Future is Now

By-and-large, the collective tools and techniques of our industry have not kept pace with changing technology and the digital behaviors of consumers. We are changing that.

inPowered has the vision, people, technology, global scale and resources to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of content amplification. Our products and services will deliver increased operational efficiency and greater campaign growth, while helping you cut through the growing digital noise to reach the right audience at the right time.

Through investments in R&D, we will be mobile, integrated, and sleek, while using real-time tracking, fraud detection and analytics. We will be the platform that helps propel your personal and organizational success into the future.

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