Making the Grade: The Brands Getting an A+ with their COVID-19 Content Marketing

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Since the start of COVID-19, brands and consumers alike have been faced with innumerable challenges. From quarantining and working from home, limited household supplies and an increasing concern for health and wellness, individuals across the globe have had to pivot their lifestyle and habits to meet this unprecedented moment in time. While the pandemic has been a trying time for all, it’s also provided brands an opportunity to re-align themselves and digitally transform how they connect with their consumers, in an authentic and resourceful way. We’ve seen some that “miss the mark” with their messaging and tone, but we’ve also seen companies step up to the plate and strategically use content marketing to grow brand loyalty and even win new customers. We’re rounding up some of the brands doing the best job at leveraging content marketing during COVID-19 across the health, auto, travel/tourism, beauty and CPG verticals:


The travel industry has been hit especially hard with COVID-19, but consumers are looking forward to the time when they can resume their explorations. Marriott quickly created a separate website for COVID-19 resources, which provides updates on the state of travel/their hotels, how they are increasing their standards for cleaning, providing rooms for front-line workers, as well as giving information to consumers on how they can stay protected. We commend this brand for their commitment to serving as a resource for individuals across the globe and supporting essential workers.


The most magical place on earth has not failed during these trying times, despite closing down all parks worldwide in the interest of public safety, Disney instead created digital experiences for fun-loving fans to engage with the brand. Virtual rides, park parades and specialty recipes are all available online, something that they did not previously offer up. The park has since been slated to re-open in July but with big changes, which hasn’t stopped the brand from focusing their efforts on providing some sense of familiarity during COVID-19. Hats off to Mickey and co!

Let’s Get Checked:

These at-home medical tests were originally created for sexual health tests that can be done in the privacy of one’s home, but the brand has expanded their offerings to meet the new needs of consumers. They quickly worked to create an at-home test to diagnose COVID-19, which was recently approved and endorsed by the FDA. They also publish regular posts on their blog relating to the current health crisis and how consumers can stay safe. We applaud Let’s Get Checked for pivoting to meet the moment and provide a testing option that can be done from the comfort of one’s home.


The beauty brand famous for their microcurrent tools has utilized the increased time its consumers at home to help promote better skincare habits. NuFace had to quickly adapt their business strategy when COVID-19 hit, moving from their typical “house call” model to a virtual experience via Zoom and Facetime. These sessions are directly targeted towards existing partners and influencers that have already worked with the brand, while also leaning into the amplification of beauty routines with its CEO and key industry figures. A recent report noted that since the start of COVID-19, the company has seen a 30% increase in Instagram story views, and growth of over 20% with engagement on static posts. Their CEO has also stated that “the most important thing for us right now is staying connected to our community and finding ways to uplift them” – applying the principal of serving their community before serving themselves. NuFace has even taken it a step further than most, applying a survey to almost each piece of content to understand how it resonates with consumers. Thinking smarter, not harder, on how to connect with their audience.


The shortage we never saw coming in 2020 was not for the faint of heart – when the world started to run out of toilet paper, consumers were sent into a tailspin wondering where they could find this essential product after weeks of empty shelves. Cottonelle created a PSA soon after the pandemic started to ease fears and “panic buying,” encouraging customers to “stock up on generosity” and instead #ShareASquare. The brand also committed to donating $1M in monetary funds and one million rolls of toilet paper in partnership with the United Way Worldwide’s COVID-19 recovery fund. “We believe our consumers have no shortage of kindness, so we trust that they will #ShareASquare to help us on this mission.” Cottonelle also pledged to donate $1 for each piece of social media content tagged with #ShareASquare, which in turn organically increased digital engagement and consumer trust that this is a brand they can get behind 😉.

Not only are these brands winning new customers with their content marketing campaigns, but more importantly they’re capturing the hearts, minds and dollars of consumers. As states and countries begin to enter phased re-opening stages, we’re excited to continue keeping a pulse on what’s resonating with content marketing and see how these brands yet again shift their messaging.

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