How the Financial Sector is Marketing During Covid-19

Content Marketing

A glance at what COVID-19 strategies are working within the finance industry, and what to consider before producing, publishing and promoting content are below. In the labs we’ve been paying close attention to our verticals, what’s resonating with consumers, and what is having the most positive impact. As a result, we chose to share with you the best-of advice from lessons learned over the last month. Please see below for the most prudent content marketing recommendations in the Finance vertical.

Personal Finance

  • Strategies for reducing debt
  • Setting a budget
  • Managing your furlough
  • Retirement Plans: To Change or Not to Change?
  • 401(k): What to do now?


  • Is now a time to get life insurance?
  • How to Secure Health Insurance

Home Buying/Selling

  • Moving/selling during the pandemic

With that said, let’s take a look at some finance brands that are doing content right during Covid-19. We hope they provide inspiration on future content development, amplification and campaigns.

American Express is There for Business Leaders

American Express is publishing a mix of content designed to attract and help business leaders. Here’s some examples of what they’re doing:

  • Offers advice on keeping remote employees engaged
  • Includes ideas on how businesses can adapt to changing mandates due to COVID19
  • Shares mental health tips
  • Addresses supply chain concerns
  • Includes “A Business Guide to Navigating COVID-19

Royal Bank of Canada Continues to Post

RBC is continuing to publish a robust schedule of content to its Discover & Learn hub. This content is all hyper-relevant and current. It serves as a resource to customers, which can be incredibly reassuring during a challenging time. Here’s some topics they tackle:

  • Educates their customers about COVID-19 scams & how to protect themselves while shopping online
  • Shares details around a government wage subsidy
  • Offers expert stock market advice
  • Updates readers on the housing market

Ally Bank Content Does It Right

Ally Bank continues to publish helpful personal finance content – as well as general lifestyle content – to its “Do It Right” blog.

  • How to Give Back to Your Community While Social Distancing
  • Is Your Money Safe?
  • Q2 Stock Market Outlook
  • 3 Priceless Benefits Only Your Pet Can Provide
  • Boost Your Mood with Jimmy Johnson’s Playlist

Ford was one of the first companies to recognize that the Covid-19 pandemic was not a time to be actively in-market selling to consumers. It shifted its campaign from Explorer & Escape model promotion around March Madness to two new ads around providing Ford Credit customers breathing room during uncertain times. This is just another example of how a brand is doing content right today.

It’s our sincere hope that the readers of this article will actively consider this advice, whether in finance or a similar industry. The light is at the end of the tunnel; however, those that pull back completely on marketing and advertising may find coming out of the shutdown could be more challenging than if they hadn’t.

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