11 Effective Content Marketing Tools to Demolish Your KPIs

Content Marketing Technology
Content Marketing Tools

Often, I’m asked what is my preferred mix of tools to do content marketing? There’s no shortage of them, either. In fact, there’s almost 7,000 marketing tools, as featured on the chiefmartec.com blog. Over the years I’ve been exposed to hundreds of tools, but I always find myself going back to the below.

Content Intelligence Tools

  1. Ceralyitics – this tool uses AI to look at your content and your online competitor’s content to give you deep insight as to what topics your content should focus on.
  2. Hawkeye.AI – a very similar tool that identifies trending topics by reverse engineering top performing content on the web.

Marketing Automation Tools

  1. HubSpot – this marketing automation suite includes email, social tools, CMS, personalization, landing page builder and many more.
  2. Pardot – what I like most about this marketing automation suite is its seamless integration with Salesforce CRM. Just like above, it has all of the goodies we’ve grown to expect in good marketing automation software.

Content Amplification Tools

  1. inPowered – having trouble getting content seen and engaged with? inPowered amplifies content on over 35 native and social platforms and only charges marketers if that content is actually engaged with.

Social Media Tools

  1. Social Report – not only does this provide for social posting, listening and analytics, but it has the most integrations of any other social management platform I’ve seen. From Xing and Reddit to Google Analytics and Instagram, you won’t be disappointed with it.

Analytics Tools

  1. DemandJump – this isn’t last decade’s analytics. Built on top of AI, this not only looks at your website’s performance, but the performance of the websites linked to yours, and the performance of websites linked to those. In essence, it creates a three-dimensional map of your digital sphere of influence.

Influencer Tools

  1. BuzzSumo – very similar in some ways to the above content intelligence tools. However, what I like most about it is its influencer features. It tracks individual author’s content across many different websites. That way, you can explore all of the content created by an influencer in one place.

SEO Tools

  1. SEMrush – it’s hard to believe, but I’ve been using this tool since last decade. It’s come a long way since then, too. That said, it has every feature you would expect in an enterprise SEO suite and even some features that may surprise you.

PR Tools

  1. Cision – while primarily marketed to PR professionals, this tool provides a lot of value to content marketers, too. It has robust lists of journalists and influencers, a distribution functionality, multi-channel online and offline monitoring capability and analytics.

ABM Tools

  1. Sigstr – the easiest way to explain this tool is that it enables marketing to control and customize everyone’s email signature line on outgoing emails. Seems simple, however, it can also feature more personalized content to target featured brands or people. That’s why it’s also an ABM tool.

Each one of these tools I have personally used over the years and would confidently recommend them to anyone. The alternative would be to drudge through the nearly 7,000 marketing technology vendors until you find the ones you like. No need to do that now.

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