Our mission is to end interruptive advertising by enabling brands to drive deep consumer engagement with their content

Why we do what we do

Global demand for content-based advertising, as opposed to interruption-based advertising, is reaching an inflection point. This was predicted in Forrester’s 2017 report entitled, “The End of Advertising as We Know It.” The report shows that top-spending CMOs complain that display ads don’t do what they pay them to do and that consumers are embracing interruption-free experiences.

As a result, billions of display ad dollars are being moved to content in order to build customer relationships and enhance user experiences. inPowered is the artificial intelligence (AI) platform for content amplification used by the world’s leading brands, agencies, and publishers. It helps marketers use AI to capture consumer attention at scale through non-interruptive ads that drive action to accomplish any marketing objective.

Consumers experience content amplified by inPowered through non-interruptive native ad units across any relevant social network, website, or app. Users are never forced to consume a promoted article or video and will only view promoted content if so chosen – making it a great experience for consumers, unlike the interruptive ad experiences still seen today.

Performance is optimized in real-time to ensure users who choose to spend time with promoted content see similar content. User profiles that choose not to engage with promoted content are optimized out of the targeting in real-time, too. This results in a win/win for both marketers and consumers.

inPowered was co-founded by Peyman and Pirouz Nilforoush in 2014 after successfully growing and selling their last company, NetShelter, to j2 Global. The company is backed by Relay Ventures and headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, and London.

What we believe in

Our core values drive everything we do, from what we build and who we hire, to how we work with clients and measure success. We are building a company we are proud of that has the power to change the world.

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Peyman Nilforoush

CEO & Co-Founder

Pirouz Nilforoush

President & Co-Founder

Filippo Portolano

Chief Technology Officer

Jon Mayo

Chief International & Growth Officer

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