About us:
We are inPowered, Inc. We are a San Francisco, CA company and our address is: 425 2nd St
Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94107
What we do:
inPowered is a machine learning, content distribution company. Our technology facilitates the
distribution of content via native advertising campaign planning, buying, management, delivery,
optimization, measurement and analytics for advertisers and agencies and enables publishers
to build, upload, host, serve, render and report on campaigns delivered to their web and mobile
app properties.
There are two components to our technology: The native ad component, and the content
As an AI optimization layer built on top of buying platforms, we do not control the setting and
collection of cookies at this layer. However, we only leverage partners who are GDPR complaint
and allow for opting out of interest-based targeting, and erasure:
1. Facebook
2. Yahoo! Gemini
3. Zemanta for access to all Native exchanges
On the content front, we wrap said content within our iframe. This allows us to collect timespent
analytics, but we do not drop any cookies at this level. That said, we are not collecting
any data related to user information, and no data that could be tied back to any unique subject.
inPowered is not a data controller OR processor and as such as GDPR compliant.
What “Your Rights” are.
Opt out of targeted advertising, request erasure, or access:
Users can opt out of targeted ads, request erasure, or access by reaching out to any of the
platforms we leverage for buying at the native level:
1. Yahoo! Gemini: https://aim.yahoo.com/aim/us/en/optout/
2. Facebook (instructions): https://www.facebook.com/help/568137493302217
3. Zemanta: http://www.zemanta.com/opt-out/
Reset your Cookies.
You may also take control and alter partners’ abilities to drop cookies. You can typically remove
or reject cookies via your browser settings. In order to do this, follow the instructions provided
by your browser (usually located within the “settings,” “help” “tools” or “edit” facility).
As noted above, if you clear your cookies, it will delete the Facebook, Gemini, and Exchangedependent
cookies and therefore you are no longer an identifiable person in these databases
(Facebook being the exception, you must change your shared data preferences in your profile
settings). This means the next time you visit the Website (unless you actively identify yourself
by logging in), you OR your device will not be recognized; you will be treated as a new user, and
will likely be cookied again unless you have disabled such ability in your browser settings.
If you would like to make a complaint regarding this Website Privacy Policy or our practices in
relation to your Personal Data, please contact our support team at
We will reply to your complaint as soon as we can and in any event, within forty-five (45) days